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Pocket Change Robbery
Aaron Y. Ross - Montello, Nevada - January 23, 1883

Cleaning Up Carlin
Carlin, Nevada - June 1869

Like Father, Like Son
Major Howard Egan's Son - 1862

Rio Tinto Stock Certificates
Some Papered Their Bathroom Walls With Them (1920-1947)

The Whole Town Moved
Mountain City, Nevada - c.1878

How Many Names?
Nevada's Longest River (1827 - 1845)

How a Gold Rush Begins
Jarbidge, Nevada - 1909

Fort Ruby
Ruby Valley, Nevada (1862-1869)

Battle of Table Mountain
Humboldt County - May 20, 1865

Hell's Fire, Ain't That a Wizard!
Levi Tuxedos, Elko - June 30, 1951

Seabiscuit Wasn't Here
Howard Ranch, Elko, Nevada

Mayor Bing Crosby
Elko, Nevada (1948-1977)

What Happened to Manny?
Emanuel "Manny" Penrod (1826-1913) Code of the West
Last of the Original Comstock Lode Claim Holders

Code of the West
An Elko Murder

Missouri Flat
Elko Nevada - 1869

Billy Stiles
Lawman/Outlaw (187? - 1908)

The Old Shale Game
Catlin Shale Products Company, Elko (1912-1924)

Aircraft Down!
Diamond A Desert - 1926

A Town That Won't Die
Tuscarora, Nevada (1867 - ?)

The First
Halleck Station, Nevada - 1877

Men in Blue
Fort Halleck, Nevada (1867-1886)

Robbed Twice on the Same Day
Central Pacific Railroad - November 5, 1870

Recalling a Train Wreck
City of San Francisco Streamliner - August 12, 1939)

Pesky Little Critters
Crickets in Elko County (1935-1938)

 New Teacher in Town
Contact, Nevada (1933-1934)

The "If" Wagon Train
Donner Party - 1846

Grocery Clerk vs. Bad Man
Elko, Nevada - 1870s

Booze, Broads, or a Railroad
Eureka-Nevada Railway - 1918 

The Drinks Are On Me!
Politics and Booze Didn't Mix in 1885

Savin' Their Bacon
Copper King Mine - 1916

That Ain't No Bull!
Another American West Tradition Bites the Dust

Poem of Murder
Elko, Nevada - 1896

Robin Hoodlums
Northeast Nevada Stage Robberies (1869-1870)/

Jarbidge, Nevada
Not a Ghost Town

Moonshine Monkeyshines
Some Saloon Stories (1868-1980)

Halley's Comet
Midas, Nevada - April 27, 1910

All the Old Things
Don't Shoot the Visitors (1964-1993)

Border Highjinks
They Almost Left Out Elko, Wells and Las Vegas

World Famous Saddle
Made by G.S. Garcia in Elko - 1903

How the Girls Kiss
Girls' Kissing Habits in Northeast Nevada - 1883

Hardly a High School
University of Nevada, Elko (1874-1885)

Jiggs, Nevada
Town of Many Names

Soup's On!
Elko's Hot Hole

The Killer was a Nice Guy
Elko, Nevada - May 6, 1928

Black Wrangler - Part One
Memories of a Real Cowboy
Black Wrangler - Part Two
Black Wrangler - Part Three
Black Wrangler - Part Four
Black Wrangler - Part Five
Black Wrangler - Part Six
Black Wrangler - Part Seven
Black Wrangler - Part Eight
Black Wrangler - Part Nine

First Courthouse
Elko County - 1869

Dumb and Deadly
Luther Jones, Five-time Loser

Waterhole Ike
Golconda's Capitalist Pig

Little Church of the Crossroads
Lamoille, Nevada

They Called Him "Old Broadhorns"
Nevada Governor from Elko County

Barney and Dolly
Murder, He Wrote

Dirt Runways
 Elko Airport - The Early Years (1919-1926) 

Snow Job - 1924
A Weighty Problem, Elko County

Case Number 606 Makes History
A Murder in Jarbidge, 1916

Number Nine
A Ranch Murder

Crunch Bird
First Airplane in Elko

Elko Porker
Elko Anti-pig Laws

Better than Fingerprints
A Murder Near Gold Creek

View from the Top
A Giant Visits Elko

Humboldt River Monster

Silver - Story of a Bald Eagle

Indian Ambush
Fort Halleck Shenanigans

Guts and Dreams
What to take on the California Trail

What's in a Name?
Elko County Place Names

Election Expenses - 1904

Hey, Bartender! Gimme a Lemon Extract
Prohibition Stories

Wild, Wild West: Act One, Scene One
Palisade, Nevada - 1870s

Elko - The First 100 Years

Fast Horses - Slow Garden 
Metropolis, Nevada

Old Mose: Designated Burro
Tuscarora's Casper Lucksinger, Prospector and Burro Owner

Absolutely Impossible!
Crossing the Nation by Automobile - 1903

The Devil Made Him Do It
Hiram Burned His Hands Off

The Ghost Cries Murder
Only Woman Legally Hanged in Nevada

The Big "E"
Built to Honor an Heroic Teacher