Athens, A Trip To Antiquity


Anyone who studies the classics or has a unique interest in history of philosophy should venture to the great metropolis of  Athens . The first step in planning such an adventure is obtaining a US passport. After that feat is accomplished then  Athens  is only a plane ride away.


Passports have been around for quite a while, they originated in France and then the US picked up on them. They became valid travel documents permitting travel to foreign lands. They are required today in order to travel to another country. They used to be somewhat difficult to obtain, now through technology and the internet they are readily available as well as ll the other passport services that may be needed.


 Athens  is named after the warrior Goddess Athena. She is the patron deity of this ancient thriving metropolis. Greek myths of the clash of the titans versus Olympic Gods have permeated literature and other aspects of world culture. There are very few people who are completely unfamiliar with any Greek myth. History books are full of ancient epic battles involving the Athenians and surrounding ancient peoples.


There are many sites to visit in  Athens , each rich with history and culture. The Parthenon is perhaps the most famous of the Athenian ruins. Its is the temple to Athena that stands on the top of the great hill, or Acropolis. There is also Syntagma Square, The National Archaeological Museum, and Mount Olympus. These are just a few of the many sites that  Athens  has to offer.


The Parthenon is one of the most famous sites of  Athens . It is atop the hill, Acropolis. This structure was built in honor of the great Goddess Athena who was the cities deity. The Parthenon has had many uses since it was temple to Athena. It has been a church, a Muslim mosque, and was even a munitions depot when the Turkish occupied Greece. Through all that it has remained almost in tact.

Syntagma Square

Syntagma Square is the central of the  Athens  business district. Syntagma translated means constitution. So it is constitution square, where government buildings are and fountains and even Greek guards. Syntagma Square is where all major filming and photo shooting is done in Greece.

National Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum is the countries largest museum. It was originally constructed to hold the excavated finds from the nineteenth century, but since then it has grown. It now holds over 11,000 exhibits from Ancient  Athens  and beyond. The items featured range from pre-historic collections to the Bronze Age and also feature items from Egypt as well.


3 Star Hotels in Barcelona Centre


Barcelona, as one of Spain’s most important and largest cities, offers the visitor an abundance of cultural things to see and do. Famous sights include the impressive Sagrada Família, the bustling Ramblas, several outstanding Gaudí buildings and a good selection of museums and galleries. Also, a rather unique characteristic of the city is the fact that it also lies on the coast and offers the rarity of sandy beaches and sunbathing; an ideal situation for those looking for culture as well as a bit of sea-side relaxation.

Of course accommodation will play a relatively large part in how much you enjoy your visit. A 3-star hotel will usually provide at least the minimum in the services and amenities expected for a comfortable and relaxing stay. Like many major cities, there is a good choice of 3 star hotels in Barcelona. They can be found all over the city, but for convenience it would probably be best to stay in a hotel in or close to the city centre, so that you can easily discover Barcelona on foot, even though the city’s public transport system is both cheap and efficient.

The centre of Barcelona is quite compact, making it viable to explore on foot. Furthermore, the centre is well connect via the city’s comprehensive metro network. In the centre you will find the Cathedral, Gaudí’s La Pedrera, the main shopping centre, some of the city’s best restaurants and cafes and many of the museums, such as the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, Picasso Museum, the Maritime Museum and much more.

The following Barcelona hotels are well located in the city centre, one near Plaza Catalonia, one close to the Sagrada Família and the other directly on the Ramblas.

3-star Hotel Gran Ducat Barcelona: This hotel is a modern place to stay and run by friendly, professional staff. Located just off Plaza Catalonia, you will be close to where the Ramblas begin and where the city’s main shopping area can be found. There are 64 good-sized guest rooms in total, all en suite, air conditioned and well equipped with today’s mod cons.


Athens Concert Hall


Usually people who visit Athens are more impressed with the antiquities and the famous monuments like the Acropolis and the Parthenon and don’t get me wrong I am impressed too… how couldn’t I be, but there are more things to Athens than people think so, theatres, cinemas, shopping malls and the Concert Hall of Athens which is not too far from the center of town and boats state-of-the-art technology and acoustics.

It was designed by a consortium of foreign and Greek consultants to correspond to the stringent demands of contemporary audiences and performers and can be considered one of the finest in the world.

Apart from the main hall Filon tis Mousikis – Friends of Music- which seats an audience of 2.000 it contains a smaller hall seating 500 people, a music library, recording studios, a restaurant and a foyer in which exhibitions of various kinds are held. It also houses an ultramodern conference centre.

The Megaro schedules concerts of all kinds from classical music of all periods to jazz and folk preformed by world class soloists, groups orchestras, operas and ballet companies throughout the year, except in summer.

It started operating in 1991 and it is an important cultural center of the whole Europe. Its superb acoustics have been acclaimed both by the public and by renowned performers of the music and art world.

The Athens Concert Hall has welcomed top class artists, music ensembles, composers, conductors and performers in an artistic trajectory that has left its mark in the country’s culture scene.

It is very easy to reach the Concert Hall of Athens since there is a metro station named after it which is only a few meters away. It is really easy to find it if you have a Metro Map. Buses and taxis are also available in the area.

As far as accommodation is concerned, there are many Concert Hall Hotels, meaning hotels close to “Megaro Mousikis” to choose from. Athens Hotels are among the best of Greece.

I went there many times for several performances and I even got the chance to see a classical concert dedicated to Antonin Dvorak, a famous musician. The Concert Hall of Athens really impressed me so I thought that I should really share this with you. Don’t miss an excellent opportunity to visit a place like this one!


Collecting Ancient Athenian Coins


Coins issued by certain cities or empires took the leading role in dictating which coins were readily acceptable for trade in the Mediterranean lands. One such   city  was  Athens , which established the “Attic standard” that was to be adopted later by Alexander the Great. Silver was used to pay civil servants, soldiers and mercenaries, and it is believed that the latter is the reason that many Greek silver coins were struck in the first place. The non-Greek lands of the Near East issued large quantities of silver coins, most notably the Parthians, Sassanians and Baktrians. These coins vary in style and fabric, the thickness and purity of the planchet on which the coin was struck, and are relatively under valued compared to the more widely collected issues of Greece proper.

In Greek mythology, Athena was the goddess of warfare and wisdom. Later known as Minerva by the Romans, she was the goddess of not only wisdom and battle, but of certain crafts and the protector of all cities and states. At birth, according to one myth, she sprang from the forehead of Zeus, the king of the gods, fully grown and dressed in armor. Athena is usually shown wearing a helmet and a magic shield called the aegis. The goddess Athena was not only wise in war but also in the arts of peace. She supposedly invented the plow and taught men how to yoke oxen. Athena’s chief symbol was the owl and in Greek mythology, the owl is firmly linked with Athena who is usually picture with her owl perched on her shoulder. Some say that is why the owl, in modern times, associated with wisdom.

Athenian coins were used in exchange throughout the Greek world, hoards have been found as far away from  Athens  as Babylon, Afghanistan and Iran. The quantity of Athenian coins minted in last half of the fifth century BC, reflect the changed and powerful position of  Athens  in the eastern Mediterranean, from a small  city-state  defending itself on land against the onslaught of Darius at Marathon,  Athens  grew to be the  center  of an empire whose power was dependent on its control of the sea. From being a partner in and administrative head of the Delian League,  Athens  became its leader and its many  city-state  members paid  Athens  tribute.

Huge sums must have been necessary for the commercial activities of  Athens  port  city , Piraeus, construction atop the Acropolis and in the city, financing of the Athenian fleet, and perennial warfare. The money was derived not only from annual tribute received from the Delian League  city-states , but from rich silver deposits  Athens  owned and mined at Laurium, close to Cape Sunium as well. The mines provide the silver that paid for construction of the fleet that destroyed the Persians at Salamis in 479 BC.

Common to all issues of the coin are the goddess Athena, in profile on the obverse, and the owl, her constant companion, standing on the reverse, a sprig of olive leaves with a berry above its shoulder. Variations in design exist among denominations of the coin.


Athens Holiday – The Greek Capital


This metropolitan capital is also the largest and one of the oldest cities in Greece.  Athens  is rich with ancient history, myths and a contemporary touch of bars, café and restaurants.  Athens  is also the  city  of Olympics, architecture and holiday in  Athens  is nevertheless a complete adventure in itself, with  Athens  offering breathtaking archaeological rich places, beaches and crowded shopping areas.

Following are some of the tourist spots or attractions one must visit when holidaying in  Athens :


Acropolis is one of the major tourist spots as it stands high up on the hills, giving a spectacular view of the Greek capital. The structure is loaded with archaeological values and its origin goes back to 510 BC. The attraction is also worth paying a visit when holidaying in  Athens , due to the amazing temples surrounding it. Every year huge crowd of tourists and visitors come to acropolis when on a holiday in  Athens . Never miss acropolis when in  Athens .

Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon

This tourist spot is a great way to enjoy holiday in  Athens  by viewing sunset, also you get to experience archaeological rich monuments surrounded with striking sea view. The place is a quite a hit among foreign tourist and local visitors.

National Archaeological Museum

This popular tourist spot was structured in year 1889 and is home to some of the most amazing ancient artifacts and proof of really old civilizations. The museum is loved by many who plan a holiday in  Athens  just for its history and archeological richness. The museum has mask of Agamemnon that goes 3,600 years back. Greek sculptures, Cycladic idols, pottery and ancient jewelry, coins as well as a 2000 years old finding of a computer.

The Plaka

Plaka is loved by tourist and visitors and is a major way to wind down when holidaying in  Athens  and experiencing the thick and thin of  Athens’s  archeology. This 19th century narrow streets going down the acropolis is filled with shops, cafes, boutiques and local building. This tourist spot is round the clock surrounded with tourist and local visitors. You can always found good souvenir to take back to your country from souvenir shops on Plaka.


This attraction is found at the suburbs of  Athens  and has tourist and local visitors of  Athens  all dinning at best and sophisticated dine outs, taverns and sea food restaurants. Piraeus is not exactly a part of  Athens , but can be reached by ferries and is worth paying a visit, when relishing an exotic holiday in  Athens .


Maintained and run by a group of monks, the monastery is a regularly visited by tourist holidaying in  Athens , due to its historic and amazing built and background. The building built in 11 century got its mosaics in 16th or 17th century. This orthodox monastery is surrounded with pleasing scenery, flourishing gardens and enjoyable views.

Time to visit or holiday in  Athens 

The best time to holiday in  Athens  would be anytime other than months of summers, which are hot and humid enough to make the holiday a disappointment. Thus, it is better to visit  Athens , for that fun and enjoyment, in the months of March and October. Spring and autumn is always good time to tour  Athens .


The Attraction of Penny Stocks is a Powerful One

Every speculator dreams of being able to find some sort of penny stock that goes on to be one of the small number that actually make it big. Everybody knows that with this age involving technology, modification and also imaginative concepts, that an unnoticed Google or maybe Microsoft will be no doubt just incubating at this moment in somebody’s mind. They generally believe that they will ultimately be the one that is standing nearby when the person who has got the concept initially just turns to whoever happens to be around him and says with enthusiasm, “Dig This – It perhaps may seem crazy, but ….” and will get the chance to be in on that stock to start with. It really is a fact that plenty of very cheap stocks will likely fizzle out. Even so, if the preliminary purchase is $5.00 a share or even a lot less (the recognized concept of a penny stock), this kind of speculator Here is actually a lot less concerned with likely losses than he might be positive concerning prospective results.

Buyers keen on cheap stocks really should put in cautiously, nevertheless, and utilize clever wisdom when producing their particular picks. They could Check Out The Post Right Here when they do not already appreciate how to examine a company to determine whether it’s a possible winner, or maybe not. Small cap stocks don’t have to record with the SEC, which implies that they aren’t limited through the very same demands as those who are. They certainly won’t get the scrutiny that various other stocks may and won’t share the same minumum specifications. They’re also frequently a favorite pertaining to dishonest pump and dump plans (Click This). Because of this, it’s a good option for traders to proceed at their personal hazard.

In case you view the hazards and yet find the thought of purchasing small cap shares to really be attractive, then look for yourself a dependable information resource about penny stocks. Certain agents in fact specialize in these, and may be trustworthy. Begin a trading account and be certain to merely employ income you can find the money to speculate with, and that isn’t really required to pay expenses or even acquire groceries. As with most investing, initially make a strategy, then see it through. Make sure you constantly expend rationally, instead of emotionally, and chances are, you will end up just great. You may perhaps discover that next Google while it is still just a little start-up!

Ways to Attract and Retain Exceptional Employees

If you are running a business, then you will be probably by now knowledgeable about Kevin Price, nationally carried column writer, author, host involving price of business ( shows on both the TV plus radio, and then editor involving US Daily Review. If there’s a question you want clarified with regards to business, he’s the man to ask. If there’s a new movement, technology or even application approaching down the pipe, he turns out to be the man writing about it. He not only has a finger close to the center of earth’s business excitement, but will also, at last he networks right alongside the best of the best that invest greatly to his particular interests and whom help his followers, fans, and also readers.

Lately, this owner appeared to be talking about the new strategies that United States companies happen to be using to coach their employees. Every enterprise would like to attract the greatest and also cleverest involving each and every new crop of probable personnel to make its debut, and it appears that they actually do get a two for one every time they choose brand-new options for implementing personnel education. Apparently not only do staff members enjoy having fun as they learn, but that continuing opportunities to improve, expand, understand new stuff and even flourish inside a corporate culture are key not only to bringing in the brightest new hires, but maintaining them all, as well.

Firms used to make use of an old-school product, and put their employees inside of a classroon for a whole work day at the time, using an instructor whom lectured. Yawn. It would be nearly impossible to find a progressive firm nowadays which will practices that product. As an alternative, you can find ever more spontaneous learning instruments currently being presented that will blur the particular line amongst schooling and then gaming. Education happens far more readily whenever the data gets gamified, as it will become powered by way of targets, and since this style is one common to game-playing millennials. Additional info on gamification can be acquired on

Together with revolutionary employee training methods, another way to attract and maintain the best staff include making an investment in their collective health and well-being. Not only is this observed effectively through the general public, boosting its brand, but research indicates that healthy, happier staff members are more productive, and help save the corporation funds. Healthy, happy personnel have fewer sick days, have fewer injuries plus function better when present. A number of health and safety attempts are required by law anyway, but they also create happier staff members, and a better-run organization, also.

One last great pull is situated in diversity coaching. We live in a diverse society, plus the finest employees normally have an assorted group of friends. If diversity extends to one’s work at the same time, and particularly to upper management, not only are the staff members happier, plus the company’s brand elevated, but the actual business itself will be protected against an excessive amount of homogeneity in the thinking, which usually in any kind of business, equals a form of blindness. Pay a visit to price of business ( to get a even more in-depth discussion involving the importance of ethnic assortment into the corporate environment.

Ways to Acquire and Retain Spectacular Employees

Should you be in business, you are almost certainly currently aware of Kevin Price, nationally syndicated columnist, author, host regarding price of business ( shows on both television plus radio, and then editor associated with US Daily Review. If indeed there is something you want resolved with regards to business, he is the man who will know. When there’s a whole new movement, modern technology or even resource on its way down the pipe, he is going to be the person speaking about it. He not only possesses a finger directly on the center of the world’s organization excitement, but additionally, at last he networks with the particular best of the best that share noticeably to his undertakings and that help all his followers, listeners, and of course readers.

Just lately, this creator appeared to be discussing the new techniques that US organizations are actually utilizing to coach their personnel. Each and every company desires to attract the very best and also cleverest regarding each and every new crop of probable staff to graduate, and it appears that they really receive a two for one whenever they embrace completely new options for contemplating staff schooling. It appears that not only do employees like to have fun when learning new things, but that on-going opportunities to improve, grow, learn new stuff and even flourish inside a corporate and business way of life are generally critical not only to getting the very best new hires, but keeping all of them, also.

Companies used to use an old-school model, and stick their workers within a classroon for a whole work day at the time, with an instructor which lectured. Yawn. It will be nearly impossible to find a progressive organization at this time that practices that model. Instead, you will find increasingly intuitive learning tools currently being made available that will blur the typical line amongst schooling plus video gaming. Mastery takes place more immediately when the data has become gamified, simply because it becomes driven by goals, and also since this kind of model is just one common to game-playing millennials. Additional info on gamification is available on

Besides progressive methods of training, another way to appeal to and continue to keep the top staff members include investing in their health and well-being. Not only is this thought of as an asset by the general public, aiding its brand, but research has shown that healthier, happier personnel are considerably more productive, and save the corporation money. Healthy, happy personnel use a lot fewer sick days, also have fewer accidents and generally work more efficiently when present. A number of health and safety campaigns are expected by law at any rate, but they also make for happier personnel, as well as a better-run business, as well.

A final amazing pull is found in diversity coaching. All of us reside in a diverse modern society, and then the best employees normally have a various group of friends. If diversity reaches to the workplace as well, notably to upper management, not only are the personnel happier, and the business’s brand enhanced, but the actual company itself is actually kept from too much homogeneity within its way of thinking, which in a business environment, is equal to a type of blindness. Check out price of business ( to find a more in-depth conversation associated with the importance of cultural diversity for the corporate environment.

Secret Italy – City Breaks On the Road Less Travelled


You probably already know the top five cities of Italy: Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice and Naples. But if you’re looking for a different side of Italy, city breaks in the less visited areas may be just the ticket.

Ranging in size, these places offer a great glimpse into authentic Italian life, perhaps unlike the hurried pace and bustling crowds you’ll find in Rome, Florence or Milan. Here are five other places to consider visiting in Italy – city breaks on the road less travelled!


Also known as Torino, the home of the Fiat automobile plant and the Shroud of Turin is an interesting yet often overlooked area in Italy. City breaks in the Piedmont region can be wonderfully relaxing here, nestled between the foothills of the Alps and the Po River. It’s an excellent base to stay in between exploring the nearby hills and vineyards.

With its Baroque architecture (extending to its elegant bars and cafes), arcaded shopping promenades and smaller museums of Italy, Turin offers a relaxed ambience. You can wander around Piazza Castello and Palazzo Reale, which feature lovely fountains and are ringed by grand buildings. Then, take a walk through Il Quadrilatero – a maze of meandering back streets with wonderful markets and charming churches. You’ll also want to visit the Borgo Mediovale, a recreation of a medieval village by the river, complete with a castle.


Umbria is one of the country’s more overlooked areas, often overshadowed by its more popular neighbour, Tuscany. But if you’re looking for an interesting place to relax without forgoing sophistication in Italy, city breaks in Perugia – Umbria’s largest city, located almost at the very centre of the country – are ideal.

A lively walled medieval hill city with historic buildings, busy squares, and modern shops, Perugia is home to a university as well as an Italian language centre catering to foreigners. From here you can also explore other Umbrian attractions such as Assisi, Spello, and Gubbio.


For many visitors, the Lombardy region usually means Milan, but if you’re looking for something a little quieter, you may want to go east to the small city of Brescia – often overlooked in the excitement over the country’s fashion centre. Located between Lakes Garda and Iseo, Brescia is the gateway to the Valcamonica – a UNESCO site with the largest collection of prehistoric rock art in Europe. This is also the place where the annual Mille Miglia car race begins and ends. Places to see in Brescia include the castle, Roman ruins, Renaissance squares, and a medieval city centre named Piazza della Vittoria – where the famous car race starts.


Also overshadowed by a more popular neighbour, Padua is a wonderful place to spend a more laidback holiday. This small walled city located between Verona and Venice boasts Europe’s first Botanical Gardens – the Orto Botanico – and is also the home of many frescoes by Giotto.


Because of its wealth of Baroque monuments, Lecce is often called the Florence of the south. For those visiting southern Puglia, making Lecce your base offers the advantage of a mild climate, accommodations that is inexpensive compared to other cities, and a -charmingly compact city centre.

There’s definitely more to see than the top four big cities in Italy; the less-visited areas will definitely give you a more complete view of the country in all its beauty.


Do You Have Precisely What It Takes to Become an Entrepreneur?

You will find a number of people on the planet that were created just to be entrepreneurs, and the chances are, if you’re looking over this together with genuine attention, you are one of them. Just ask the people on i2 Mag ( … they tend to discuss it all the time. Entrepreneurship isn’t really everybody’s course, nevertheless, and there certainly is no embarrassment with confessing that. Many would certainly advise you upfront that more than 1 / 2 of individuals who begin their own businesses are insane, and they may be right, at least to somewhat of a degree. Why might this be the case? Well, as outlined by, the life of the man or woman whom decides on the trail of self employment is actually tangled up with hazards and additionally is normally quite stressful. Who comes seeking that? Outrageous individuals, obviously! Luckily, nonetheless you will find, more fulfilling aspects to having your own particular enterprise.

For one, entrepreneurship permits men and women who have lots of initial thoughts plus who enjoy to sometimes think outside the box the chance to achieve just that. They are simply liberated to try out things which tend to be completely new and somewhat different, if they are the intent behind the organization alone, or simply their ideas on how they opt to deal with their staff. If you are in charge, you’ve got most of the associated risk, but you can establish all of the advantages, likewise. An additional benefit to working for yourself is you can clock in plus out when you want. If you’d like to have lunch or dinner together with your wife on her birthday, you definitely will not need to ask for anyone’s approval. Chances are you’ll work long hours, but they’ll be hours that you set in place all by yourself.

Ultimately, business owners are usually some of those which really can act upon their very own ambitions. Do they risk catastrophe? Certainly! Will they fall short? Some will, some of the particular time. Hardly any authentic entrepreneurs are likely to fall short constantly, however, for yet another associated with their very own fascinating traits stands out as the readiness to pick themselves up, shake it away, and also try once more. This phenomenon has really been mentioned in greater detail on Genuine business men don’t seriously consider his or her failures to really be failures. Rather, they will view them as learning options, as being an pointer they are able to utilize to actually further perfect their vision. Genuine entrepreneurs will almost certainly be successful in the end, it is simply inside their blood!